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Evo Springsclean Deep Clean Rinse

Evo Springsclean Deep Clean Rinse

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A refreshing rinse to remove product build-up, oil and dirt from curly hair.

 Curly hair has its own requirements, but the good news is we have some ideas. Why not start with Evo Springs Clean Deep Clean Rinse? This weekly refresher supports your curl pattern, while dealing with any product build-up, excess oil, and general dirt on your scalp. It hydrates as it cleanses, and won’t strip your hair. Think of it as a fresh start, is what we’re saying.


Why will I love Evo Springs Clean Deep Clean Rinse?

  • Deep cleanse to remove excess oils, dirt, and leftover product
  • Won’t strip colour or dry your hair
  • Sulfate free
  • Reduces frizz
  • Hydrates and supports your curl pattern
  • Suitable for all curl types
  • Vegan, cruelty free and gluten free
  • 300ml

Who is Evo Springs Clean Deep Clean Rinse?

 If you’ve got some bend in your hair, whether it’s wavy, tightly coiled, or anywhere in between, you’ll want to consider this rinse. It’s been designed to support curly hair of all thicknesses, and it’s safe to use on coloured hair.


How should I use Evo Springs Clean Deep Clean Rinse? 

Once a week or so, use this to replace your usual shampoo. Wet your hair, and apply the rinse to your scalp in sections before massaging thoroughly and getting the rest of your hair involved that way. Rinse well, repeat, and follow with evo’s baby got bounce curl treatment. Easy.

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