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Body Maker Balm Conditioner

Body Maker Balm Conditioner

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A lightweight volume balm for fine hair by Lakme Teknia.

Lightweight volume balm. Moisturizes and strengthens the structure of the hair from within. Volumizes, provides texture and elasticity. Volume and light as a feather.

Vegan formula / Paraben-free / Mineral oil-free / Colorants-free

EFFICIENCY TEST: 48% more volume.

Vegan microproteins from organic soy and rice (natural alternative complex to keratin).

✔ Rebuilds hair fiber from within, offering a lasting effect. Recharging effect.
✔ More resistant hair that feels thicker, more voluminous and shinier.

Why you'll love it?

  • Moisturises and strengthens the structure of the hair from within.

  • Stronger resistance to breakage.

  • Provides texture and elasticity.

  • Create an effect of full-bodied hair, as light as a feather.

✔ Wild herbs with petitgrain essential oil. Revitalizing.
✔ Fresh, citric top notes of lemon essential oil, followed by an aromatic base of wormwood and floral notes underscored by petitgrain. Mixture of woody and musk notes to provide a subtle delicacy.

Spread evenly through wet hair.

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