A change in season and a heartfelt thank you.

As we step into a new month and fresh season, we’d love to thank everyone for the continued support we’ve received at the studio over the past 18 months. It’s been wonderful to have you back in at the salon and we can’t wait to
connect with some new faces over the coming months.

With a new change of season upon us, it’s the perfect time to give your hair some love and nourishment after a summer indulging in heat, sun and salt.
While summer here in Newcastle was considerably milder this year, the cooler months ahead are the ideal time to inject some love back into your locks.

Feeling a little dry and brittle?
4 ways we love to nourish and care for summer damaged hair:

The Teknia Deep Care Treatment.
Irresistibly nourishing while increasing resistance and strengthening the internal bonds of the hair structure - all while forming a protective film, bringing softness and natural moisture back to your hair.

Fight the frizz!

Frizz can be one of the first signs of damage due to the hair cuticles starting to break down.
A common sign after a summer indulging in salt and chorine. To tame frizz, be sure to use a shampoo that helps keep your hair smooth and silky. We love Lakme - Frizz Control Shampoo which gently cleans and hydrates without sulphates and parabens, leaving your hair frizz free and soft.

 Time for a trim? 

Split or dry ends that are regularly getting tangled in your comb are a physical sign that it’s likely time for a trim. Split ends and single strand knots can cause your hair to tangle more often and the best way to prevent or lessen tangling is by getting rid of those dry, split, or knotted ends.
We have bookings available over the next few weeks and would love to see you in at the studio! You can book in here!

Our Deluxe Hyaluronic Treatment – an unmatched intense moisture treatment!
A signature treatment that seals the cuticle, offers intense hydration, resistance to breakage and leaving you with extra shine. Treatment includes a 30 minute massage, 10 minute hot towel wrap and a blowdry. It’s the ultimate post summer hair treatment. Ready to book in? You can do so here

Keen to keep your beachy tousled curls while protecting your hair from further heat and salt?
Stands of Silk’s Heatless Curling Kit might be the perfect solution.
Combining 4 simple steps with a mulberry silk curling ribbon, your hair will be protected from frizz and split ends - all while you sleep, saving you time, effort and reducing heat
inflicted damage. We’ve had so much wonderful feedback from these kits that we’ve restocked yet again!


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